Back to work

7 Jul

Ugh yep woke up bright and early (4:30)am to make it to my day job at 6am. It was really hard to get up after that long weekend. Good thing I only work one of my jobs today. This morning started off with my egg white pizza and 1/4 c of oats.

Egg white pizza


4 egg whites

1/4 c cottage cheese

5 tbls light marinara sauce

Garlic powder

Italian seasoning

1 tbsl Parmesan cheese

Toppings: broccoli, mushrooms, olives, chicken, pineapple, etc.

 Cook egg whites into a flat pancake shape. Mix cottage cheese with the parmesan cheese, dash of garlic powder, and a few sprinkles of Italian seasonings. Top the cottage cheese on the egg white pancake. Add marinara to the top of the cottage cheese. Top with toppings of your choice.

Then I headed to work with all my food packed. Meal 2 is a boca burger salad with 1 Ezekiel tortilla. Meal 3 is 3 oz. chicken with 4oz yam and raw broccoli. After I got off work I went home and my boyfriend met me there to take a little nap before the gym and watched a few episodes of Disaster Date on MTV soooo funny.

I made my pre workout meal vanilla protein mixed with ice, water, xanthan gum, glutamine, BCAA’s and cocnut exract. With 1/2 c oats and an apple.

Then headed to the gym for barbell strength class. LOVE that class..I do it once a week to hit all body parts..definite calorie burn, I was soaking wet ewwww!

Of course I ate my post protein isolate and oats in my car (gotta get the body/muscles fueled after a workout fast!). Then headed home to cook chicken and prep my meals for tomorrow. While prepping I drank one of my favorites Root Beer Stevia drops in ice water..sooooo yummo!

Then pre bedtime snack was my tofu pudding. Blend all ingredients in a magic bullet or small blender.


1/3 block of Tofu (medium firm) 

1/2 c water

stevia (to your liking)

1 to 2 tablespoons of Sugar Free pudding mix (the powdered stuff in the box)

blend it till smooth, you can let it sit in the fridge for about 15 mins to set up..yummmm. Pistachio, banana cream and lemon are my favorite!

BEDTIME..I have to work both jobs will be a long day!

2 Responses to “Back to work”

  1. Erica @ Fashion meets Food July 7, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

    I seriously wish I could look as fab as you! Or at least lose the 15 lbs I cant get off. Egg white pizza looks delish!



  1. I love Grandma’s Lettuce « Bubblegum Gym Kat's Blog - July 8, 2010

    […] job. Before I left for work I made a Keylime Pie Tofu pudding mmmmm I make it like I do the normal tofu pudding recipe but used Sugar Free Cheesecake powder and a True Lime packet..mmmmmm If you haven’t tried […]

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