Gum Addict

10 Jul

So I am guessing that two hour nap yesterday screwed me. I could not sleep for the life of me last I got caught up watching Jersey Shore for 2 hours. I totally love that show! I am not too tired yet but I am sure it will kick in by 11am. On my way to work I had to stop and get the essentials!!! I am running out of gum at work so I stopped and got a few of my favorite flavors: Pina Colada, Juicy Fruit, Rockstar, and of course Bubble Gum!!! I also got my gallon of water and some Celsius. Not sure if you guys have tried Celsius Tea..but it’s pretty delish..has only 10 calories for the can, it also says it burns calories (not sure how much I beleive that though LOL marketing scheme!!), oh well I still like it!

I headed home and got ready for the gym, ate my PWO meal and I was on my way. I did shoulders and lats followed by 20 mins of sprints and 10 mins of SS cardio on the elliptical. Calorie burn below.

YEAH!!! Then I went shopping for a shirt for a wedding tomorrow. Came home and an Orangecicle tofu pudding mmmm off to bed. I have to train two people early!

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