Holy busy day Batman!!

10 Jul

WOW today I was go go go!!!. I woke up at 5:00 am (yes on a Saturday!!) I had to train two clients. SO I got that over with..I love kicking people @sses!! After I went to the grocery store and loaded up on a few things..look what I found at the store..I didn’t buy but I want to try it. It had a little more carbs than I would like..but still looks good. Sugar Free Honey

I had to hurry home and drop off the groceries, pack all my food for the gym and went to get my nails re filled. OOOH they feel better..so sharp and fresh!!

I hurried and went to the gym. I did hams and calves then did 20 mins on the stepmill HR at 155, and the 10 mins of sprints on the treadmill. Total calorie burn was over 600.

Went home and threw some color on my hair and showered. Right as I got out of the shower I drove down the street and got a spray tan so I look good and tan for the wedding tonight. I went home and got ready for the wedding..ugh I couldn’t find anything to wear…so I scrambled through my closet to throw something together. I finally found something, a black halter top and paisley skirt with gold jesus shoes and gold jewelry accents.  I waited for my boyfriend to come pick me up..so I ate something to hold me over. greek yogurt with a tablespoon of Naturally more Peanut Butter..mmmmm


 Then we were on our way to my cousin’s wedding. Ugh it was so so so hot!! I was sooo clamy and sweaty all night. I think it must have hit 100. I ate a little bit of fruit and veggies at the wedding so I could save myself for my weekly cheat of Red Mango Frozen Yogurt. MMMMM After the wedding my boyfriend and I went for Fo Yo. I just got the original with chocolate nibs.

After that we went and watche Grown Ups..it was a good laugh! Finally made it home to cuddle and relax…my favorite thing to do!!

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