Day four

9 Aug

Sundays are soooo boring!!! I woke up at 7 to watch the usual infomercials..notihng new!!! I feel back asleep till 9 wtf I never do that!!! I played with m new heart rate monitor and stored all the settings. Good news is my resting heart rate is now 50..when before when I was dealing with my health issues it was 80..yep 80 resting heart rate!!! YAY I am healthy again.

Oh and I was down 1.5 lbs, alot of it could have been water..but I will take it!

I studied for a little while and then got ready for work. Oh and painted my toe nails..they needed an update BAD!

MMm check out my yummy lettuce wraps I made for lunch.  I cubed up and baked with Mrs Dash Garlic and herb then added beans srpouts and ate it with lettuce wraps…YUM

And BEETS of course

Headed to work and packed an apple and some hard boiled eggs.

Work seemed to take forever!!!! But I finally got off.

When I got home I ate more egg whites (not sure why but I am addicted lately). I also had steamed broccoli, carrots and beets.

Good end to my day and now off to bed.

2 Responses to “Day four”

  1. Jessica @ Fit & Clean August 10, 2010 at 2:31 am #

    Has it been hard so far, eating everything unprocessed? I’m really curious! 🙂

    • bubblegumgymkat August 10, 2010 at 12:41 pm #

      NO not at all. But really the only things I eat that are processed were milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, tofu, yogurt, Ezekiel bread, protein shakes and boca it’s cake!!

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