7 Sep

So today I did my first crossfit workout with one of my best guy friends I work with. He started this January and has been begging me to try it so I gave in finally. I am not over exagerating but it was the hardest and most intense workout I have ever done in my life!!!! Seriously I thought I was extreme and badass, but I was proven wrong 🙂 I broke my max HR ever 191 HOLY CRAP!!! MY average HR was 155..that is nuts! I burned about 700 calories in an hour. I was shaking when I was done. So after I fueled my body with a yummy blueberry isolate protein shake and then did some abs at my gym.

As far as the bikini comp…..Ooohh I got my suit on hold!! yeah I can’t’s hot!! I will show you pics when I get it. Now time to get my strutt on and practice my posing. That is one thing I will give myself credit for. I do well on stage. Since I have done so many shows my stage presence really shows. Plus I LOVE it!

My girlfriend is also doing the bikini comp so she asked me to go to the craft store with her to pick some stuff out to add to her suit. Last year I created my own so she knew I could come up with something good. Her suit is kind of a blue snake skin looking material and we are adding some awesome metal accents to it! I am excited that her and I are prepping each other for this show..we are killing it with our workouts and getting creative. Lots of plyo/circuit/explosive moves and less heavy lifting…so we can tone up. I also increased my cardio UGH shoot me!

So that’s it.

Any of you tried Crossfit?

Anyone getting ready for a show?



4 Sep

Hey guys sorry I did not did not die I promise!! I have been so so so buy. This whole week I worked 6am to 8pm and managed to find some time to workout. Yeah my life is crazy.

So here is what has been going on

-my IUD didn’t work UGH. Oh well at least we tried.

-I have gotten amazing kick ass workouts. Idid a kettlebell class on Monday and holy crap it kicked my butt. Check my calorie burn

-I also started doing a military bootcamp once a week. Honestly the hardest workout I have been through.

-I am trying crossfit on Monday YAY

-I might compete in October in bikini 🙂

SOOOO I want your thoughts. I need a goal and I loved competing in bikini because it was fin, less stress, and easy. I have a girlfriend that wants to do it with me too. So we will prep each other and pose together since we have done a few competitions together before. I don’t care if I place..I am in it for the goal and journey. And to get all dolled up and strut my stuff on stage I live for that! Plus I found some HOT bikinis.

Here is my cal burn

Here is my bikini pic last year. I only trained for 4 weeks. I took second

it makes me excited to have a goal again 🙂 I feel lost when I am not competing.

Miss you guys/love you

Nooch/Bok Choy/Halloween

30 Aug

Well hello guys!!! How was your weekend? Mine was ok..busy but normal. I work on the weekends and try to get all my cooking and cleaning and laundry done. Nothing too exciting to mention.

I met up with my girlfriend on Friday night for a yummy salad at her house and to chat. We compete together so we like to meet up and talk about health and fitness. It helps having positive influences in your life that can relate. I was at her house for almost 3 hours talking while she was preparing her meals for the week and chopping veggies. After, I needed to do the same thing. I went to the grocery store to load up on veggies. Instead of going to the gym (which I normally do on a Friday night) I chopped veggies and cooked my food.

BAD news!!! My doc said I can’t workout for 3 days!! UGH I am going to die!!!! I guess my IUD won’t really take. I have too many muscles surrounding my cervix or uterus or something like that. My doc had to re insert it UGH PAINFUL!!!! He told me to take it easy and we will check in a week to see if it stays.

On a lighter note I got my nails done on Saturday and decided Halloween is coming soon and I can’t wait so I had to go glittery black 🙂

This weekend I have been obsessed with salads!! Look how yummy!! I chopped ice berg and romain lettuce and added bok choy, raw zucchini, tomatoes, eggs, topped with NOOCH (nutritional yeast), and some salt free spices with lime juice as the dressing! NO kidding..probably the best salad ever!! Nutritional Yeast is amazing on salads! Oh and Bok Choy is my new favorite snack sooo yummy I have been missing out!!

Do you guys use Nutritional Yeast? What do you make or do with it? Love it/hate it?

Do you like Bok Choy? How do you eat it?

Anyone else ready for Halloween?

Full Moon Craziness

25 Aug

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Does the Full Moon make you crazy??

Many day that emergency rooms fill up, oddballs act odder, and dogs howl in the streets when the moon beams. Furthermore, there are lots of perfectly rational people who will assure you they just feel a little restless or crazy around the time of the full moon. The very word “lunatic” is built on the Latin word for moon, luna. So, is there proof? According to several scientific studies that means you’re far more likely to be the victim of a crime or creamed in an accident. I’d always assumed it was an urban legend that the full moon coincided with a rise in human weirdness. Some blame “human tidal waves” for the rise in crime. They believe that the full moon exerts more gravity on the water in human bodies, disturbing our biological processes.

I have always been a firm believer that the full moon has a TON of effect on me. I can always feel it coming..the week prior I am a different person. On the day of the full moon I am a complete basket case LOL. I have been so agile and full of animosity. I am not kidding you yesterday I seriously wanted to punch people. I was so on edge and hostile. Crazy I know..but I always get this way around the full moon. I almost feel like I have zero carbs in my system and pre contest…I just want to flip out for no reason at all.

You may not notice it..but if you mark your calendar you just might start noticing some crazy stuff.  The next full mood is September 23rd..keep your eye out 😉

Does anyone experience anything weird or crazy around the full moon?

So busy

23 Aug

Holy crap guys I cannot begin to explain how busy I have been!!! With work and studying and everything! I have barely had any time to get on the internet.

So in my last post I had to go to the doc to get my didn’t work!! UGH Since I haven’t had a baby my cervix is too small..but there is an alternative thing my Doc wanted to try. He put a dialtator in me for 24 hrs. UM hello worst pain was like I was crowning all night and a constant contraction. Worst pain of my life! worked! I went back the next day and he was able to insert it.

Look at my new Nike Airmax I got! I am a shoe whore!! I own so many different colors to match my outfits everyday.

sorry my phone sucks at taking pics!

Saturday I went with my girlfriends to the yummiest vegetarian restaurant. I ordered a salad with a nut burger patty..pretty yummy!!! My one girlfriend is a huge blogger and has a big page on facebook for recipes for bodybuilders and figure competitors so she gets so many things for free. Check out the Bragg stuff she hooked me up with.

YUMMMM I love Bragg products!

Ugh so that’s the latest and greatest in a nutshell. I will try not to be as MIA.

I failed

19 Aug

 “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Yeah well I was on a 30 day no processed foods. I only made it two weeks. BUT I have a good excuse I guess. I woke up this morning with the flu!! Yeah talk about crappy!! I could not even walk down stairs to my fridge without either throwing up or passing out. Sad I know!! There is no way I was going to eat chicken and veggies while I am feeling like this. So I opted for cauliflower soup and some frozen yogurt 🙂 It’s the only thing that sounded good and I actually kept it all down YAY.

At least I stayed on the No processed foods for this long. I will continue doing it..I just had one bad/sick day. We all fail and we all make mistakes..but we live and learn.

It was also a damn monsoon here. CRAZY CRAZY rain!! My neighbor and a few other houses close by got flooded!! Super sad!

On the bright side the soup and fro yo were amazing and what a perfect meal to eat in this weather!

I am actually just getting ready to go to the doc. I am scared because today he is puting in my non hormonal IUD. Alot of my issues that I was having a few months ago were because of my birth control. He thinks this copper IUD will do the trick and it will also help keep me leaner. Hormones just mess me all up and it’s hard to stay lean lean. So the reason why I am scared is because I haven’t had a I guess we have a 50/50 chance that he can get it in. And from what I heard it will be painful since I am not streched LOL. Wish me luck!

Long time no blog

17 Aug

Holy crap guys SORRY!!  I have been too  busy to blog..I know I SUCK!!

Anyway here are some things I have been doing for the last couple of days.

My little sis let me borrow her Zumba DVD’s..I always have wanted to try it..and all I can say is I LOVE IT!! I love all the hip movements in it. I definitely would love to incorporate this workout intow my routine once a week. It was a sweat feast..check out my calorie burn!!!!

Yeah love it!!

I also got my hair coloed this weekend. My sister when to Paul Mitchell hair school so she always does my hair..and for cheap!! We did a reddish purple will be fun getting into the fall. You can’t really tell in this pic or this lighting but it kicks ass.

As for tonight I went to a core class with a new teacher…whoa he KILLED ME!!! I tell you what I have never sweat that hard in a 30 min ab or core class. YES I will be sore!

The 30 days of no processed foods is also going great..same old same old.

SOOO what’s new with you guys?

Have you tried Zumba?

Day 7 and shoulders

13 Aug

Yes it has been a whole week..and really NO problems at all..easy as cake 🙂 I have been enjoying veggies like crazy!!!! All my food is basically the same everday same old same old..eggs, chicken, broccoli, apples, beets, lettuce..pretty YUMM!!

My workouts have also been great! My energy has been amazing! I did shoulders today..check that pump out!

April from Foods of April wanted me to post a sample of my shoulder workout.

I do three sets of each workout


-Military press 15-20 reps

-Bent over lateral raise 12 – 15 reps


Barbell front raise HEAVY 6-8 reps


Upright rows HEAVY 6-8 reps


Leaning  lateral side raise 15-20

I don’t work my rear delts on the same day as the rest of my shoulder (delt) day. I really like to isolate my rears so they pop I work them with back.

Check out my calorie felt good!!

OH yeah!! with my new HR monitor that I LOVE!!!

Hope you guys are having a good week…it is almost the weekend!!!

Get to know me

12 Aug

Hey guys sorry I have been MIA, I have been working both jobs everyday so I haven’t had much time to blog!!! BUT anyway..everything is going geat. The 30 days of no processed foods is rockin’. So far so is EASY!!! I actually feel alot better and I can tell I am tightening up! Everytime I drop dairy though I lean out. Keep on keepin’ on!

I though I would have a little fun quiz post.


1. Do you have an innie or an outie? innie

2. What kind of milkshake do you order? How about protein shake .. BUT if I were having a cheat/treat meal it would be vanilla ice cream with cookie dough

3. How often do you repeat outfits at work? Not that often, I have clothes to last me a long long time!! Maybe once a month at the most

4. What are your feelings about thank you notes? Hmmm… well, I think they’re very nice, but I’m not as good as I should be at sending them out.

5. Do you like spicy food? LOVE spicy food

6. How many toilet paper squares do you use? LOL. Well, I don’t count. I just use what I think I need.

7. Were you in Girl Scouts? Um no..those cookies are the devil!! WAY too good!

8. Notebooks/Journals: College ruled? Wide Ruled? No lines? Spiral Bound? Plain front? Decorative? I journal my weight/workouts/supplements etc that I am taking. I have done it for two years day by day. It is crazy to look back. But mine is decorative.

9. Do you snack throughout the day? What do you pack for snacks? veggies

10. What is your favorite month? Why? August and September

11. What color of crayon would you be? Glittery turquoise

12. How do you take your coffee on an average day? How do you like your coffee if you’re spluging? I drink coffee about 2-3 times a week. I take it black and iced in the summer, I add vanilla stevia to it

13. What is your genre of books to read? diet/health books

14. Where do you want to retire, if you could go anywhere? I would still want to live in Utah, but maybe have a vacation home somewhere warmer.

15. What word describes you best? Healthy

16. What is the next “event” that you are looking forward to? (ex.: vacation, moving, date, job change, etc) The next NPC Bodybuilding boyfriend is doing it!!!

17. Do you like to discuss controversial topics or do you prefer to avoid those types of conversations? I do not. It makes me frustrated. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I don’t usually understand those opinions and that frustrates me.

18. Would you rather add 4 free hours to each day, or add 1 extra day to the week? 4 free hours for sure! There are not enough hours in the day!!

19.  If you created a sports team; what would your colors and mascot be? Turquoise, black, and white…The mascot would be a zebra

20. If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach? Health and fitness definitely

21. What is your current favorite television show? JERSEY SHORE!!! I don’t really watch TV because I have no time, but that is one show I must watch. I also love Family Guy.

22. Apple juice or orange juice? I don’t drink juice..especially the crap that is out there these days..loaded with sugar!! I would rather eat the whole fruit instead.

23. It’s Shark Week on Discover Channel. Do you watch? Why or why not? I have never watched it.

24. What are the non-blog websites that you visit regularly? Facebook,, nasm, various clothing websites

25. What is your favorite way to prepare green beans? Asparagus? Potatoes? Carrots? -I eat green beans raw mmmmmm -I grill asparagus with sea salt and lemon juice, or I eat it raw -Potatoes ONLY yams or sweet potatoes-I bake them into fries/chips with cinnamon and stevia -I don’t eat carrots too often because they are more sugary and starchy but if I eat them I like them steamed with nothing on them

26. What is your favorite flower? Bird of Paradise or anything tropical looking

27. How do you feel about handkerchiefs? Gross

28. If you could only shop at 3 stores for the rest of your life, what would they be? (You probably should include a grocery store.) Whole Foods, Forever 21, and Target

29. If you could only use wine for one purpose for the rest of your life, which would you choose? To cook with or to drink? Drink

30. What’s your bedtime? 8 – 9:30

I love GUM!!!

10 Aug

Ok are you guys ready for this sh*t!!! Sorry but I am way to freaking excited to share my latest finding!!!!

Wrigly’s New Dessert Delights Sugar Free Gum

Click through the flavors and you will see!!! PURE BLISS

The new Flavors are:

Strawberry Shortcake

Key Lime Pie

Mint Chocolate Chip

WTF???? are you kidding me right now?? YEP I am in heaven!!!

So you might find this funny but I have always wanted to be a sugar free gum flavor inventor. You know..since I am a gum addict and all. You might find these flavors gross, but I tell you, when you diet for a competition your taste buds do crazy things!!  A few flavors I want/need are: of course all sugar free

Cotton Candy


Key lime pie (wrigley’s just stole my idea)

Banana Cream

Grape Lime ade

Strawberry/blueberry Cheesecake

Lemon Meringue

Cake Batter

Vanilla Bean


Creamy Almond

Crushed Pineapple

Black Licorice (I have yet to find a sugar free kind)


Root Beer Float

Smarties (like the candy)



Crystalized Ginger

Sweet Chili n lime mango (weird but I put lime and chili powder on my mango yummmm)

Coconut mango

Kettle Corn

Graham Cracker


Powdered Sugar

Brown Sugar


Hawaiian bomb

Tigers blood


Green Tea

I only chew gum for like 5 mins. I am totally weird..but it truly is a treat to if I could get these sort or flavors I would never have to cheat on a fattening dessert again hehe JK

Ok enough of my random-ness today!

Tell me what flavors you guys would want??